Welcome to Your Online Guide to Nevada's 34 Sport Fish Species and 534 Fishable Waters

From desert creeks to high mountain lakes Nevada offers endless fishing possibilites. We've built this app to help you discover the perfect Nevada fishing adventure.

The FishNV Map

Fish NV is an application to help you find the ideal location for your next fishing excursion. All the information within the application was compiled by those who know it best - your fellow Nevada anglers. Read below for more information about the data used within the app.

What is a fishable water?

Fishable waters are classified by NDOW Fisheries biologists for each of their respective areas of management authority. Not every stream, creek, reservoir, or lake is considered a fishable water. Some don't contain sport fish populations. Others may not support fish year around. Occasionally there may be discrepancies between what NDOW consideres a fishable water and what might look like a fishable water on a map. For further clarification, please call your local NDOW office.

What is a trophy fish?

Potential trophy fish can be classified into a few separate categories (listed below).

  • Trophy Fish: A trophy fish is a fish that meets the minimum trophy weight for the individual fish species. Minimum weight qualifications are established by NDOW. For instance, the statewide minimum trophy weight for a rainbow trout is 5 pounds.
  • State Record: A fish is considered a state record if it is the largest fish of that species to ever be caught in Nevada. State record fish must be weighed on a certified scale and/or validated by an NDOW biologist.
  • Water Record: A fish is considered a water record if it is the largest fish of a particular species to ever be caught in a respective water. Water records do not need to meet the minimum trophy weight qualifications. For instance, a 1.0 pound Brook Trout caught in Galena Creek is considered a water record even though it does not meet the 2.0 pound minimum trophy weight requirement for Brook Trout.
  • Unofficial State Record: If a fish is not validated by an NDOW biologist or weighed on a certified scale it cannot be considered for an official record. However, it can still be listed as an unofficial record.

About the Data

The data for this application comes from two primary sources maintained by the Nevada Department of Wildife: the Trophy Fish Database, and the Fishable Waters Database.

The Fishable Waters Database is developed by NDOW biologists and used to generate the Nevada Fishing Guide every year. It houses a catalog of every fishable water in Nevada as well as which species can be caught in each respective water. The Nevada Fishing Guide is available at local license vendors, NDOW offices, or for download from NDOW's website.

The Trophy Fish Database contains user submitted fish data of trophy fish caught throughout the state. Nevada anglers can submit trophy fish applications to NDOW for inclusion in an annual Trophy Fish Book generated by the Nevada Department of Wildlife. This book is not limited to just trophy fish. It also contains lists of water records for all fishable waters in Nevada and is updated annually.